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Guanhao Biotech develops, manufactures and markets life and health related products, with focus on regenerative medicine.

We strive to be a world-renowned pioneer in the field of life and health, under the mission “technology transforms into health”.

We have a strong research and development team, holding over 20 grants and funds from central and local governments. We have recently been appointed by National Development and Reform Commission to set up the “National Engineering Laboratory for Regenerative Medical Devices” as well as the “State’s High-tech Industrialization Demonstration Project”.

Guanhao went IPO in China in July of 2011, with stock code being 300238.

With persistent innovation in mind, Guanhao has been progressing along the way. Guanhao started with extracellular matrix scaffold in 1999, and have launched five products in three different fields. In 2013, Guanhao expanded its portfolio by industrializing tissue engineering products, such as human articular cartilage implant therapy. In 2014, Guanhao started immune cell storage service “BeiHao Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine Research Institute” joint venture between Guanhao and Peking University in turning stem cell research into industrialization has been established.

We set up “Guanhao Life and Health Incubator” offering services to start-up companies in transforming biological ideas into reality. Services range from consulting, financial, marketing, etc.


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